Tom will take you through a fictional time travel journey that actually could have really happened; that each year of a life from 1869 with 1969 with one year per minute or less. The actual class lecture time will be 100 minutes exactly. It will take you from birth to death from the Frontier prairie, the Wild West, the Centennial, the Gilded Age, Teddy Roosevelt, Victorian age, the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, both World Wars to Kennedy’s death and into the final year 1969 witnessing and seeing Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in July 1969, and will end in the 100th year. It will involve the ever changing personal living years and not so much what is going on in politics of nationally. A time tunnel travel of 100 years presented through lecture and PowerPoint with background music and pictures from those eras, with a stop watch and advance to the next year every 60 seconds. The males in the class will all be named Jonathan, the females will all be named Elizabeth. This will be a memorable and very unique storytelling presentation more than just a class.  This is timed so please be seated on time.