Are you your family’s historian? Have you spent years collecting facts — documents, photos, letters? And as you collect these pieces of information, have you found yourself imagining the stories behind them, the people, the lives lived? Were you the child and then the adult who listened to all of the stories told by the old ones in the family? And, more importantly, have you written these stories down? Or do they remain in your mind, imagined and remembered? Family histories are built from documents, with dates and events and bits of information. As well, our ideas of our families often come from old photos, perhaps loose, some labeled, some not. To make sense of these documents and photos, it helps to build chronologies and timelines, to write little narratives around the photos. From this work, and from in-class prompts and motivations, you will write family stories, and you will then pass them down through the coming generations. There are family historians in your future, and they are calling upon you to leave the information. Use this weekly group meeting to get it done.  Class is presented via Zoom. Please note this class meets every other week.