Artisan Works is difficult to describe – it must be experienced. It is a 21st Century art space which features students, local artists, modern artists, realist artists, illustrators, sculptors, printers, craftsmen, the crazy and the tame, the world famous as well as unknowns. They are all there, side by side, hanging from the rafters as well as on the walls. On your guided tour you will see areas not open to the public with an auto made of wood, a Victorian dining room, a firehouse complete with 1968 restored truck, a Frank Lloyd Wright room, and a complete retro dental office. This is a tour not to be missed.  Feel free to remain after to tour the rest of the museum.  Artisan Works is at 565 Blossom Rd.  You may register for one additional person and RSVP by 6/2 at noon.