Start your new year off right! Meditation is a profound spiritual practice that can be employed in any walk or stage of life. It has been proven by medical science that the act of meditation has profoundly positive effects on physical and mental well-being. This workshop begins with a brief meditation and then launches into a more active form of personal meditation. Using the principles of Mandala and Zentangle you are invited to create your own personal artistic mediation. 

Mandala is a “sacred circle”.  Tibetan monks and Native Americans use specially colored sand to create a meditation prayer for a specific intention. Zentangle is a meditative form of drawing. Traditionally created as a tool for visualization and meditation, every single detail of a mandala—the design, the colors, and placement of symbols is deliberate. 

Meditation and meditative drawing is a workshop that allows everyone (no artistic talent required) to explore in a safe and meditative environment explore self, your joys, your sorrows the creation of your mandala will be an experience like no other. Be still and listen…Creating healing mandalas a form of active meditation that quiets your mind and allows you to journey within making the invisible visible. 

We will create using a variety of media to create.