Autumn is the season of shedding of leaves from deciduous trees. The transition from green to light yellow, deep gold, orange, crimson and dark red is an inspiring sight! As someone who’s favorite season is Autumn, I am enthralled with the colors of the season. The trees, the shapes of the lives, and the colors too! This workshop is
inspired by Autumn, and the wonder of it all! This class is greatly inspired by the Autumn season and its color palette. In this class we will learn to paint different autumn trees incorporating the nature’s color palette. We will work through colors that work the best for this type of painting, we will talk about different types of trees and their shapes and how to build your color and values. I will walk you through mixing a custom autumn watercolor palette and we will also help you build your own color palette by looking at reference images. We will explore the different shape of trees. Materials needed: watercolor paper, watercolors – (please feel free to paint with what you have!), brushes, water cups, rags or paper towel, sponge scraps and whatever you personally use to create watercolors.