“On Second Base” asks the question, “Have you ever regretted the past choices you’ve made?” Rev. Paul Lombard has regrets in spades as he retreats to sit on second base at the ball field, thinking about the life he might be living had he chosen baseball over religion, over God.  “On Second Base” is a story of regret, suffering, introspection, and the path to redemption. Paul discovers that if he’s going to make a change, it’s going to have to come from within. As he searches for someone to confide in, he realizes that his wife and close friends have their own issues to deal with. It’s not that they don’t care, but no one can force him to take a first step. It becomes apparent to Paul and his support system that forgiveness is key, and as he thinks back on life and his regrets, he sees the importance of self-forgiveness. Join Paul on a journey that results in deep reflection, self-improvement, and the discovery of an equation for a better life.  Give Kathy’s book a read before coming (available at or Amazon), or just come to hear her talk about her book, about the process of writing it and her other books, “What a Kiss Can Do” and “The Last Generation of Women Who Cook.”