If you are looking to refresh the French you studied years ago and you are a little “rusty,” then this is the course for you!  The emphasis of this course will be aural/oral communication skills with the appropriate grammar to support that.  There will be individual, pair and group activities.  Topics will include vocabulary for the family and how to use adjectives.  This unit is a detailed look into Québec culture.  (The textbook emphasizes the multi-cultural diversity of the francophone world.)  Class is taught via Zoom.  You must have a computer/phone/tablet with video and audio capability and a printer for class materials.  This course assumes you have at least a small background in French.  Students not currently enrolled in the course will need permission of the instructor to register.  Please contact Oasis Rochester before registering and we will get you in touch with Kevin. The text for the course is ‘Bien dit!French 1 (2013).