In the 1930’s, author Sinclair Lewis wrote a dystopian novel, “It Can’t Happen Here,” about fascism coming to America.  This course will explore that subject give the current status of the political environment in America.  The rise of fascism has been one of the most destructive movements of the past hundred years, bring oppression, war and devastation in its path.  Few really understand what fascism is, why it appears, and how it has gained power so extensively in recent history.  This course will attempt to define exactly what fascism is, based on it characteristics, and will cover the experience of living under fascist regimes.  The reasons why a fascist mentality appeals to such large segments of a given population, even in contemporary settings, will also be addressed.  Recent trends and evens in the American political environment have led many to think that incipient fascism is a possibility even here.  Is this really possible or even conceivable in America given our established democratic institutions?