Ms. Brayer’s intense, detailed, and heartwarming biography about George Eastman, the Kodak King, begins on an evening in 1905 when he has a party to celebrate his newly-built mansion on East Avenue. She describes him: “Intense blue eyes, steely cold during working hours, are twinkling with pride tonight. The mouth, typically set in a severe and firm line, breaks easily into a smile.” And with these words, we are ushered into the wondrous life of the man who conceived of amateur photography and who created the company which provided affordable and easy-to-use cameras for the people, and who then spent the second half of his life giving all of his money away. Together, let’s read this wonderful book and enjoy lively discussion, supplemented by historical photos which make the time period come alive.  Class is taught via Zoom; you must have a computer/tablet/phone with audio and video capability.