Each year during Mr. Eastman’s residency between 1902 and 1932, except during a wartime coal shortage in 1918, flowering bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils provided a full spectrum of color and fragrance during the winter months. Now, each year the Eastman House recreates a particular year in the house’s history by exactly duplicating Mr. Eastman’s order for that year of thousands of bulbs from Holland. In addition to the many spring flowers will be beautiful orchids – a favorite of Mr. Eastman. This is a self guided visit through the Mansion and the gallery and can tour the marvelous floral displays on your own as well.  There is a café and gift shop for you to enjoy.  Please stay as long as you’d like and you may purchase a ticket for a friend.  Registration deadline is 2/8/22 at noon.