Created by Nancy Alexander, Physical Therapist, licensed Buff Bones® instructor and author of, “Get UP! Defy Aging with Movement,” this NEW class helps you ease arthritis pain and stiffness at your low back and legs with specially designed exercises for core and lower body strengthening and stretching. Learn proper form for these conditions and although this is not a Buff Bones® class, modifications will be offered to those with osteoporosis. Ideal for those with degenerative changes at your low back. Appropriate for anyone who is active with recent participation in an exercise class.  Prerequisite: Participants must be able to stand on both feet and get up from the floor without assistance. Allow enough space for your mat and space around it to move (approximately 5 feet total on either side). Please have a mat, small towel, and a bottle of water ready for use. A small ball or pillow, small hand weights, a resistance band, and long belt/strap are highly recommended but not required.