This three part course will deal with the turbulent history of the relationship between the United States and Russia. This relationship has been one of continual tension for more that 100 years, briefly interrupted during World War II when the two nations were critical allies to each other.  The first session of the course will cover the period from Czarist Russia through the Bolshevik revolution and the coming of WWII.  Session two will deal with the war time alliance, the quick descent into antagonism and the long Cold War struggle.  The third session will cover the period since the breakup of the Soviet Union and culminating with the current standoff between the United States, Putin’s Russia and the conflicting policies in American political leadership.  The current war between Russia and Ukraine and American’s response will also be considered.  Mr. Britt has travelled extensively in Russia and is a contributing author to the 1990 book “The Future of U.S.-Soviet Relations.”