The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 was a shock to the world. It killed virtually 40 million people worldwide in a short period of time. Today we know it was caused by a virus. Most of us never expected to live through a similar time. Medicine, we thought, had come too far in last 100 years. Today we know that in latter part of 2019 a few people came down with what looked to be a flu. It spread quickly. By March 2020 the entire globe witnessed a pandemic worse than the one in 1918.  Today things have opened and we have begun to get back to normal.  But a question remains — is this the last pandemic we will, see? Scientists and medical researchers think not. So, what will the next pandemic look like, how soon could it occur and can we be better prepared for it?  Join us as we look at possible sources of a pandemic and what we might need to weather that storm.