Opened in 1927, the Monroe Theater was the most well known of the neighborhood theatres in Rochester. It was the last remaining neighborhood theatre when it showed its final regular movie in 1970. The Monroe was famous for its Saturday afternoon matinees for kids. In the  late 1950s it was renovated to show Todd-AO and CinemaScope and then in the early-1960’s it was retrofitted with an enormous curved screen and six track Stereophonic speakers lining the walls to show films shot in Cinerama. Perhaps its most famous resident was “The Sound of Music” where it ran for 85 record breaking weeks. Around 1970, hard times hit the theater and it started screening porn films until 1995. Show World set up its infamous shop inside the mostly gutted theater. And then after community effort to “Save the Monroe”, the auditorium was demolished in September 2008, leaving just the facade and foyer and lobby areas. There are plans for that space to be turned into a stand-up Comedy Club. Students are encouraged to participate and bring their own photos and memories of Monroe.