Who makes foreign policy in the United States and how is it made? Shouldn’t we know the answer to that question? In this class we’ll take a look at American foreign policy – the good, the bad, and the ugly (too much of that, unfortunately).We’ll look at the Departments – State, Defense, CIA, Military and the people – Presidents, Cabinet Secretaries, staff (all The Best  and the Brightest). But most of all we’ll look at the National Security Advisors  (Kissinger, Scowcroft et al.) and the National Security Council – the  unelected, all powerful, accountable to no one group with outsized influence. We’ll close with a detailed look at the run up to the Iraq war, with a special emphasis on the role of VP Dick Cheney and the rift of the once close relationship  between Cheney and Secretary of State Colin Powell. After looking at how policy is made, we’ll take a stab at deciding how – in a democracy – foreign policy should be made.