Supreme Court Justices are among the most powerful people in our government. We all know how Supreme Court Justices are selected – the President nominates and the Senate approves. But how do the justice’s names find their way to the president? In the case of five of the current justices it was through the Federalist Society. Exactly what is the Federalist Society? Who are its members? How did they get so powerful and how do they exercise this power? In this class we’ll try to answer those questions. As long as we’re visiting the Supreme Court, we’ll stop in for a discussion about the “Shadow Docket”. What’s that? It’s a controversial method of “deciding” cases without full, public debate. Its use is increasing and some find it troubling. We’ll take a look. Caution: The instructor for this class is not a lawyer, who may – or may not – know what he’s talking about. So bring your own facts and opinions for a good discussion.