This course will cover the history of the Cold War from its  beginning immediately World War II to the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. It will cover all major events of the period and seeks to illuminate the underlying causes and consequences of this historical event. The approach will be of a revisionist nature, meaning that it will challenge some of the orthodox beliefs on this subject and consider many of the mistakes made on both sides. It will also attempt to see certain aspects of the Cold War from our opponents viewpoint. The course will be divided into four one hour segments. These segments will cover:

  • How and why the Cold War began and will cover the early confrontations in Europe and the Korean War.
  • The Eisenhower and into the 60’s culminating in the Cuban missile crisis.
  • The Viet Nam years and the Sino/ Soviet break-up.
  • The slow decline of the Soviet Union leading to the Gorbachev era and the ultimate dissolution of the Soviet Union. US policies regarding Russia since the Soviet break-up will also be covered.